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CultureForHealth responds to the objective of the Preparatory Action – Bottom-Up Policy Development for Culture & Well-being in the EU. The project has the ambition to trigger a true policy change in EU, regional and local levels -  bringing closer together the health, cultural and social policies.

Cross-sectorial policy development

Through a series of roundtables and study visits in Denmark, Italy and Romania, webinars, workshops and a final conference, CultureforHealth will facilitate cross-sectorial and trans-European cooperation aiming at the generation of knowledge and compilation of policy guidelines on how to enhance well-being through culture.
The first event was held in Denmark in March 2022. This event and future policy workshops in Italy and Romania will result in policy recommendations for the European Commission.

Six pilot projects

CultureForHealth has also institute six pilot projects in Denmark, Italy, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia aiming at “management and treatment” of illnesses as well as “prevention and promotion” for a variety of life stages and age groups.
The projects are ongoing but results will be published on this pages and in a final report in 2013.

Extensive research

CultureForHealth researcher will undertake a research review clarifying the importance and the role of culture for well-being and health, taking stock of existing knowledge and evidence, and delineating recommendations for policy as well as targeted investment measures.

The project researchers will also map relevant and good examples of EU, national, regional and local programmes, initiatives and projects and will develop a compendium of sustainable culture-based solutions for well-being and health targeting practitioners. The mapping will be part of an extensive database featured on this website from June 2022.

Broad European partnership on culture for health

CultureForHealth is a project co-funded by the European Commission with partners all over Europe, consisting of Culture Action Europe, Trans Europe Halles, Central Denmark Region, The Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture, Centrul Cultural Clujean, and Društvo Asociacija.

Advisory Board

Nils Fietje - World Health Organization


Anita Jensen - Competence Center for Primary Healthcare in Sweden


Katey Warren - University College of London - WHO Collaborating Centre for Arts & Health


Robert Manchin - Europa Nova


Ugne Grigaite - Mental Health Perspectives


Marius Ungureanu - Ministry of Health Romania - Department of Public Health, Babeș-Bolyai University  Cluj


Mette Steenberg - Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University


Luisella Carnelli - Fondazione Fitzcarraldo


Dr. Annalisa Cicerchia - Istituto Nazionale di Statistical & Cultural Welfare Center, Italy


Dorota Sienkiewicz - EuroHeathNet