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Share your initiative of arts and culture for improved health and well-being and become part of the new extensive database featured on this website.

Your contribution will be featured as a good practice right here on this website and a final report for the European Commission available to all from June 2022.

By including your initiative in the ambitious mapping carried out by CultureForHealth researchers you help increase the recognition of the benefits of arts and culture for individual and community well-being and improved health. Entries can be projects, programmes or policies.

Share your project


On this page you will be asked to add the partner organisation(s) or institution(s) involved in the project, program or initiative. You will also be asked for contact information which you can choose not to include. Your information will not be made public and will only be used to contact you if the project team has any additional questions.


Please provide the name of the main implementing entity.

If your implementing entity is not listed, you can add it here


Please add each partner separately.

If your implementing entity is not listed, you can add it here

Contact details (not public)

Your contact will not be made public. Your contact details will only be used by the CultureforHealth project team to get in touch with you in order to further promote your initiative. Your data will not be given to third parties and will not be used for any commercial or promotional messages.

You are free not to share your contact details, in this case, please leave the Contact field empty. In case you are interested in being contacted by our team, please check the box above to agree to the GDPR policy.


On this page you will be asked to enter general information about your project, program or initiative. On the following pages you will be asked to fill in more detailed information on the case and on the organisation(s) behind.

For example Museum experiences for people with stress

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Further information on the initiative

Please insert links (websites, social media) or upload a file to a presentation of the initiative.
Please provide access to information in any language (no English translation is required).


Please select one or more themes which are relevant for your initiative.
Please include additional themes in the keyword below.

Please insert or select 3-7 keywords, in English, that best describe the content of your initiative.

Project details

On this page you will be asked to enter more detailed information about your project, program or initiative.

Project budget

Please insert the estimated budget of the initiative, for its entire duration, in EUR.
In case you don’t know or do not wish to provide budget information, please fill 00.

Results, benefits, impact and lessons learnt

Please briefly describe the outcomes of the initiative such as number of participants and their benefits, new skills or behaviours acquired, social change etc. Please share the key lessons learnt that may support future initiatives.
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Has any research or evaluation associated with the initiative been carried out?

Please include links to published results, if available.

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