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The CultureForHealth Report

CultureForHealth has published the report:

“CultureForHealth Report. Culture’s contribution to health and well-being. A report on evidence and policy recommendations for Europe.”

By CultureForHealth

The aim of this report is to synthesise existing evidence on the positive effect of arts and cultural activities on health and well-being.

This means the report is not limited to a few research questions but seeks to provide a clear indication of the volume of existing literature, the key concepts, focus points and the types of studies that exist.

It also identifies knowledge gaps in the existing literature.

Finally, it gathers policy recommendations and identifies challenges, further expanding the scope of the report beyond the proposed policy directions and specific policy measures.


Presented on 16 November 2022 at the EU Commission's seminar, “Culture: a driver for health and wellbeing in the EU,” the CultureForHealth Report adds to the growing awareness in the European Union (EU) of the critical role of culture and the arts in improving health and well-being at both the individual and collective level.

On 24 November 2022, the report was launched online with opening statements from members of the European Parliament, presentations of the report, policy discussions, and intermissions by the Dr. Kultura.

Watch the video recording of the report launch here

View the full programme of the report launch here

Report Summary


Read the Report Summary in English here: CultureForHealth Report - Summary



Read the Report Summary in Italian here: Sintesi - Rapporto CultureforHealth



Read the Report Summary in French here: Rapport CultureForHealth - Résumé

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