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February 23, 2023

CultureForHealth Ideathon October 2022

October 2022, CultureForHealth initiated an Ideathon during the Culture and Well-being Forum in Cluj, Romania.

By CultureForHealth

The aim of the interactive intervention was to kick-start specific culture-based solutions as answers to global challenges with social- and health issues.

Representatives from the WHO and the EU participated in the ideathon as well as politicians, researchers, health professionals, artists, business developers, innovation specialists and many more from 12 European countries. In small working groups they reflected on the challenges and the policy recommendations proposed by  CultureForHealth.

Also artists from the ArtiViStory Collective were participating in the Idethon and they have interpreted core aspects from each challenge discussion into artistic visuals. These visuals represent a tangible outcome of the Ideathon – and yet – the format leaves the space for us to interpret the pictures when taking them into use.

In this section you will get an glimpse of the discussions sparked during the Ideathon.

Visual interpretation #1 During the Ideathon, the participants emphasized the need to develop personal and collective awareness about good health and well-being expanding the definition of health beyond avoiding disease or infirmity - merely, it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.

The need for an increased focus on health promotion and disease prevention