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February 9, 2023

EVENT: The CultureForHealth final conference in Elefsina, European Capital of Culture 2023

7 to 10 June 2023. The #CultureForHealth final event will take place this summer in Elefsina - the European Capital of Culture 2023.

By CultureForHealth

As part of the international conference, "Handle with Care | Culture for Social Well-being", CultureForHealth invites you to the final presentation of the results, work and relationships of the two-year-long marathon for the interdisciplinary bottom-up policy development project.


What will we discuss?

Handle with Care | Culture for Social Well-being international get-together invites practitioners, organisations and institutions, policy-makers, thinkers, researchers, activists and artists from the cultural, social and health sectors working on topics related to care, well-being, health and culture.

The Handle with Care | Culture for Social Well-being gathering aims to collectively explore the significance of care as an ethical and political obligation for our societies and the role culture and cultural professionals can play in this. It will specifically discuss the evidence on the role of culture in improving health and well-being. How can culture and participation in the cultural life of communities nourish the sense of social and individual well-being?


Wednesday 7 June

19:00 | Official opening of the Beyond the Obvious 2023 “Handle with Care: Culture for Social Wellbeing” and welcome dinner.

Thursday 8 June

09:30 – 18:00 | Beyond the Obvious 2023 “Handle with Care | Culture for Social Wellbeing” (un)conference & projects’ agora

Friday 9 June

09:30 – 17:00 | Final event of the CultureForHealth project and participatory workshops

20:00 | Joint dinner

Saturday 10 June

Cultural visits & departures


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Beyond the Obvious Conference 2023, June 7-10, Elefsina

The Beyond the Obvious Conference creates a space to rethink culture – an opportunity to explore its borders and edges and move beyond conventional assumptions, beliefs, and practices that impede the contributions culture can make to social and economic regeneration at a local, national, and European level.

Beyond the Obvious enables and facilitates collaboration between actors from different societal sectors seeking answers to common challenges by putting culture at the heart of public debate and decision-making.

Each year, Beyond the Obvious connects the European cultural community with that of the host city, facilitating a mutual exchange beneficial for the empowerment of both communities. Beyond the Obvious 2023, will be held in Elefsina, European Capital of Culture, and will focus on the theme of Culture and Wellbeing.

The conference is part of the European Capitol of Culture programme and is listed as MYSTERY 79


Culture Action Europe (BE)


The 2023 Eleusis attempts to reveal the unseen side of Elefsina, signaling a new era for the city and its people.

Thanks to its natural port and strategic location, 21 km west of Athens, the city of the Elefsinian Mysteries and birthplace of Aeschylus in the Thriassian Plain, the northwesternmost tip of the Saronic Gulf, Elefsina became one of the five most important sacred cities of antiquity.

From the 19th century onwards, Elefsina was transformed into the productive engine of Greece and one of its largest industrial centers. The signs of industrialization are prominent on the body of the city, affecting it and often building the perception of a place that keeps its cultural wealth well guarded, like a timeless mystery.

Drawing inspiration from the rich history of the city, 2023 Eleusis form an integrated artistic, research and educational programme, with the general title Mysteries of Transition, which focuses on the three axes: People – Society, Labour and Environment.