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Mental health matters through restorative art

Project title

Lelki Egészségvédelem a Resztoratív Művészet Segítésével

Description of initiative

The project aims to raise awareness of the potential of art and restorative justice in the treatment and rehabilitation of people with mental illness. Mental Health Matters through Restorative Art (MHM) aims to bring together a cross-sector, strategic partnership of organisations to support innovation in the adult education field by creating, piloting and disseminating educational material and tools tailored to the needs and realities of mental health professionals, restorative justice practitioners and artists in the participating countries (the UK, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Hungary) and across Europe. MHM is also designing and accrediting e-courses that enhance the skills and knowledge of adult learners, supporting in this way the setting up of, and access to upskilling pathways.

Further information on the initiative

Themes: Culture and...

Mental health


mental health professionals, restorative art, e-courses, materials

Target group


Cultural field

Literature | Other | Visual arts


2019 - present

Sources of funding

Erasmus + Programme (Project Number: 2019-1-UK01- KA204-97CBFC43-EN)

Results, benefits, impact and lessons learnt

The first intellectual output is featured in the form of an e-book that will act as a training manual on the use of restorative art in mental health structure.
The second it is a training programme which in the form of an e-course that is addressed to mental health professionals, mental health structures’ coordinators, mental health carers and other health care practitioners.
Another training programme is addressed to artists that are interested in contributing with their art to relieving people facing mental illness.
A Mental Health Matters e-book it is bringing together all the research, pilots, learning and findings of the project into one e-book that will feature chapters in the participating languages as well as a comparative chapter in English.


Social Cooperative Activities for Vulnerable Groups - EDRA
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Centre for Social Innovation (CSI)
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