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Art & Well-being Musical Journeys

Project title

Voyages musicaux « Art & Bien-être »

Description of initiative

Art & Well-being Musical Journeys are artistic shows performed by Lulla box, an evolving art form based on musical, vocal and sound creation. The shows approach the notion of well-being through the themes of nature, the meeting with the other, creativity, and can combine music, dance, visual arts or any other practice with a playful and sensory approach. The artist has been created different shows adapted to each type of public: "Well-being singing" (adults) or "Playful and creative singing" (children, adults), ''Musical journey of your choice".

Further information on the initiative

Themes: Culture and...

Community well-being
Mental health


music, well-being, show

Target group

Adults | Children | Early age | Youth

Cultural field

Music | Other | Visual arts


2012 - present

Results, benefits, impact and lessons learnt

Testimonies from the public: "The show really resonated with what I have been working on with the children around the image of the tree, breathing and wellness in general." (A Teacher about the Musical Journey for Young Audiences)


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