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Arts and Music Programme | Oxford Hospitals Charity

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Arts and Music Programme | Oxford Hospitals Charity

Description of initiative

Oxford Hospitals Charity helps to transform care - funding the best medical equipment, research, training and facilities for our patients and staff. The Oxford Hospitals Charity Arts and Music Programme creates a more welcoming, calm and attractive hospital environment, engaging patients and visitors in creative projects as well as providing a more positive working space for staff. During the corona crisis the arts community has shown its support for the hospitals affiliated to the Oxford Hospitals Charity with incredible auctions of paintings, prints and ceramics and a very special print from Adam Dant celebrating the life of Florence Nightingale. They use the visual arts, performance, music and literature to improve our hospital environments, reduce stress and anxiety for those visiting and reduce boredom for those in hospital. Creative projects with patients alleviate boredom and depression, and a positive and uplifting environment can do much to improve wellbeing and distract, engage and bring pleasure to patients, visitors and staff.

Further information on the initiative

Themes: Culture and...

Individual well-being
Quality of spaces and built environments
Quality of social relations
Quality of services for specific groups


art, well-being, health, hospitals, environment, spaces

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Not targeted to a specific group

Cultural field

Music | Other | Visual arts


2019 - 2022

Results, benefits, impact and lessons learnt



Oxford Hospitals Charity
United Kingdom
Public / State | Health