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Brundibar: The creative process as a path to wellbeing of childhood trauma

Project title

Brundibár: El proceso creador como via de bienestar ante el trauma infantil

Description of initiative

Brundibar: The creative process as a path to wellbeing of childhood trauma is a National funded R&D research project, which aims to investigate intervention methodologies through art that help children and adolescents to overcome adverse experiences, as well as to develop observation, evaluation and research records. It is also committed to developing prevention strategies in social, cultural, clinical and educational spheres in interdisciplinary collaboration with different professional teams.
With a four-year lifespan (2021-2025) Brundibar develops pilot workshops with methodologies based on metaphor and narrative therapies, with the participation of museums and cultural institutions and the collaboration of Save The Children. The following products are planned to be developed:
- Validated intervention methodologies that promote the improvement of well-being in vulnerable children and adolescents.
- Observation register with validated observable indicators to measure the degree of improvement.
- Intervention tool through art, which can be applied as an evaluation and intervention tool.

Further information on the initiative

Themes: Culture and...

Individual well-being
Community well-being
Mental health


well-being, children, art therapy, vulnerability, culture, resilience, visual art

Target group


Cultural field

Visual arts


2021 - 2025

Sources of funding

Ministry of Universities

Results, benefits, impact and lessons learnt

The result, which is still in the process of being verified, is articulated by means of the following:
1. Review of the scientific literature. Creation of an archive of good practices and a thesaurus of literature on the subject from a systematic study.
2. Creation of an adapted and validated observation register.
3. Implementation of two pilot workshops in 2022, from which the register and the intervention methodology are refined.
4. Application of a field study in 2023 on nine workshops for children and adolescents in Spain, with the application of a pre and post artistic tool and the use of the observation register as well as a field notebook.
5. Analysis of the results.
6. Dissemination of results and conclusions.
7. Creation of recommendations in the social, cultural and educational fields.


Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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EARTDI Grupo de Investigación Aplicaciones del Arte para la Inclusión Social. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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