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Cultural Prescription Project in Central Alentejo - Transforma - An Inclusive Culture Program for the Central Alentejo

Project title

Projeto de Prescrição Cultural do Alentejo Central - Transforma - Programa para uma Cultura Inclusiva do Alentejo Central

Description of initiative

The Cultural Prescription Project in Central Alentejo is part of Transforma - an Inclusive Culture Program for the Central Alentejo promoted by CIMAC and co-financed by the European Social Fund. It is one of the experiments the organisers want to launch in Central Alentejo, in Portugal, and they are formally working with the health care services of 8 municipalities, the cultural agents and the link workers form those municipalities, in a way they can provide the patients and citizens an experience through arts and culture to minimize mental health issues as well as other issues. The project is soon to be implemented, and it will finish by November 2023. The organisers want to plant the seeds so it can continue after this date, with the efforts of the municipalities, the primary health care units and the cultural agents of the region.

Further information on the initiative

Themes: Culture and...

Individual well-being
Community well-being
Mental health


cultural prescriptions, mental health, well-being, inclusive culture

Target group

Not targeted to a specific group

Cultural field





2021 - 2023

Sources of funding

European Social Fund, Municipalities

Results, benefits, impact and lessons learnt



Comunidade Intermunicipal do Alentejo Central
Public / State | Culture