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Culture Vitamins

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Description of initiative

Cultural Vitamins is a program that has been carried out in the north of Denmark with testimonials and positive effects. In 2016, the Center for Mental Health in Aalborg Municipality applied for SATS pool funds for a three-year culture on-prescription program for citizens on sick leave with stress, anxiety and depression. The pool was administered by the National Board of Health, which was thus responsible for the applicable guidelines. Aalborg Municipality was among the four municipalities that received rate pool funds. The other municipalities were Nyborg, Silkeborg and Vordingborg. The project in Aalborg has been prepared by the Health and Culture Administration and is anchored in the Center for Mental Health. The project ran over ten weeks with two to three weekly meeting times with a duration of between two to three hours, giving participants to take part in singing groups, guided joint reading activities, and other cultural activities that can improve the mental health of the participants. The initiative continues up to this day, offering both adults and young people mental support through cultural prescriptions.

Further information on the initiative

Themes: Culture and...

Individual well-being
Community well-being
Mental health
Physical health


well-being, health, culture, community, arts on prescription

Target group

Adults | Youth

Cultural field

Literature | Music | Other


2016 - present

Sources of funding

National Board of Health

Results, benefits, impact and lessons learnt

A 10-week program in which more than 200 people have participated, and which included two or three cultural visits to museums, interview actors, read books and watch rehearsals of the local symphony orchestra.

Qualitative and quantitative data analyzed after the citizens' participation in the initiative showed that:
- participants rediscovered joy;
- the physical health of the participants has improved;
- participants found motivation for the future


Aalborg Kommune
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