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Project/initiative|Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Israel, Germany, Poland|Transnational

European partnership for the development of skills and social inclusion through creativity and arts

Project title

European partnership for the development of skills and social inclusion through creativity and arts

Description of initiative

The implementation of this project will contribute to eliminating the problems of marginalized groups (people with disabilities, seniors, migrants) and their social exclusion, and help them improve their key competences. These people, sometimes with problems of an emotional or psychological nature, often only by various art forms (music, art, dance, theatre) are able to open up. Art opens access to our interior: emotions, needs, fears. This is especially important in the times of the pandemic that all of Europe is currently struggling with. The pandemic seriously hindered this part of society both in terms of access to culture and art, as well as active participation in its creation. Counteracting the effects of these difficulties is therefore particularly important now. The project will train educators working with groups at risk of marginalization, so that they can show their students the way to active and creative participation in culture and art, and thus improve their position in society, including the labour market. The aim of the project is to develop cooperation and exchange of experiences of educators for the creative activity of the above-mentioned people at risk of exclusion, as well as to raise and expand the professional qualifications of people working with them; disseminating art therapy methods of work; increasing digital competences among staff working with people from communities at risk of marginalization and people working for the above-mentioned environments, as well as increasing the opportunities for individual development of educators and volunteers cooperating with partner organizations; obtaining new and improving the psychological, interpersonal and methodological skills necessary in working with people at risk of exclusion. The aforementioned groups will be participants of workshops and demonstrations of methods of work.

Further information on the initiative

Themes: Culture and...

Individual well-being
Community well-being
Mental health
Quality of social relations
Quality of services for specific groups


marginalised groups, social exclusion, training, skills, psychological well-being

Target group

Not targeted to a specific group

Cultural field

Dance | Music | Theatre, opera | Visual arts




2021 - 2023

Sources of funding

Erasmus+ Programme of the EU

Results, benefits, impact and lessons learnt



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