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Executive Master Culture and Health

Project title

Master Executive Cultura e Salute

Description of initiative

Even if the evaluation process is still in progress and will show the definitive results at the beginning of 2023, some outcomes already appear evident from Master in Cultural Welfare. The Master has offered three different training paths, involving 64 participants coming from 13 Italian regions and two other nations and producing outcomes at different levels.
First, the Master produced knowledge of projects in culture and health carried out on national territory, creating awareness and exchange of practices between participants.
Second, new collaborations were born; participants developed 13 multi-sectoral and multi-professional project works, many of which are being concretely realized through crowdfunding campaigns or other financial initiatives. Moreover, collaboration, not only between participants, but also with CCW’s team have been created, outside didactic activities.
Moreover, from a first feedback’s collection, participants shared that they acquired new skills including approaches (e.g. Theory of Change), methods (in particular art participatory ones) and instruments (e.g. WBS; Gantt, stakeholders’ map) for designing intersectoral projects, as well as increased cross-sectoral vocabulary and working capacity and valuable network resources.

Further information on the initiative

Themes: Culture and...

Community well-being


cultural welfare, master executive, culture, health

Target group


Cultural field





2021 - 2022

Sources of funding

COREP-Centro Formazione Permanente dell’Università di Torino

Results, benefits, impact and lessons learnt

Key lessons learnt from the experience that will be helpful in designing the next edition of Master concern: the efficacy of blended mode to provide an innovative learning method that allows participant to take part to the master from different parts of the country, rejoining in some in-person meetings; the success of multi-sectoral approach (as demonstrated by project works; the ones developed by multi-sectoral team are more effective and promising); the interest received by the topic proposed.
An external evaluation process is being carried out and will show other outcomes and results that will orient the next edition of the master, starting in Autumn 2023.


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