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Far and live - supporting well-being at work through creative and digital methods

Project title

Etänä ja livenä - luovat menetelmät työhyvinvointia edistämässä

Description of initiative

The first and main goal of the project is to support companies operating in the South Savo region in coping with the post-pandemic period of the Corona pandemic by promoting the well-being and resilience of company management and personnel in changing situations by utilizing creative methods. The second goal of the project is to create functional digital methods that can be used as creative methods to promote mental well-being even outside of guided events, and which companies and participants can continue to use after the project. The third goal is to promote public awareness of the possibilities of creative methods and awareness of the importance of mental well-being for well-being at work and coping at work.
The aim is also to pilot a new operating model in which occupational health care can guide and / or inform an employee or entrepreneur about the possibility of participating in creative art-based workshops organized in the project. Mental well-being is thus promoted through the possibility of a low threshold to participate.
The main target group of the project is the management representatives of 20 companies in South Savonia and their personnel. the industry or size of the companies is not limited. Municipalities and public organizations are also included.
Workshops, pilots, and events supporting well-being at work will be organized as measures of the project. The social and mental functioning of people in working life is maintained and improved by combining different creative methods. Creative methods include, for example, remote computer or telephone participation in platforms where images, drawings, music and self-employment can be taken out of the workday, as well as creative workshops for individuals and groups working under the guidance of experts using different methods. Workshops will also be held for present implementation. A significant share of purchase financing has been set aside for the implementation of the measures, with which know-how is acquired from companies in the creative industries. This directly supports the business of companies in the creative industries, which has been in great difficulty during the corona.

Further information on the initiative

Themes: Culture and...

Work and workplace well-being


well-being, resilience, workplace well-being

Target group


Cultural field

Crafts | Dance | Literature | Multimedia, new media, digital | Music | Writing




2022 - 2023

Sources of funding


Results, benefits, impact and lessons learnt

The main expected result of the project is a better mental well-being of the people involved and coping at work. These results have a positive effect on the success of companies after the corona. Combining the expertise of the creative industries and digital solutions in this project is a novelty value that achieves workable solutions, and supports creative companies directly. Combining the well-being of the mind, creative methods and expertise in digital methods is important for the progress of the project. No such cooperation has taken place in this way in the past.
In summary, the project will increase the use of creative methods to promote well-being. This is achieved directly through the promotion of well-being, through the promotion of the business of creative methods companies, and through structural development.
The final results will be published in the beginning of 2024.


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