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Project/initiative|Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, Sweden|EU level

Film in Hospital

Project title

Film in Hospital

Description of initiative

The pan-European project Film in Hospital is an online platform dedicated to film screenings and audience engagement for children at the hospitals, revalidation centres and children recovering at home. The organizers focus on a qualitative approach rather than obtaining a quantitative goal. Cooperating with several hospitals, revalidation centres and intermediates to reach as many children as possible. Offering exclusive festival films from different European countries with extra material to engage the audience to participate with their own stories and creativity. Lastly they encourage other European festivals and organisations to participate in this great adventure create and even wider European platform, with a wider audience.

Further information on the initiative

Themes: Culture and...

Individual well-being
Community well-being
Mental health
Quality of spaces and built environments
Quality of services for specific groups


well-being, film, children, online, media, education, animation

Target group

Children | Early age | Youth

Cultural field

Film, video | Multimedia, new media, digital




2022 - 2024

Sources of funding

European MEDIA funds

Results, benefits, impact and lessons learnt

In previous years, the organizers achieved their main goal to give ill children in hospitals and revalidation centres access to high quality films and extra entertaining and educational materials in 6 different countries and their languages.
Project results:
- 6 platforms for different target groups: young patients (3+,6+,9+,12+,15+) and indirectly parents of patients and staff at the hospitals. Six platforms in 6 languages (remark: Spain: Catalan and Belgium: Dutch) – all platforms up and running;
- 12 features (3 new features for each age group), and 60 new short films of carefully selected European children film – 97% of EU works, year-round available – each partner offered in their language minimum of 72 to 81 titles selected in participative way and presented in Film catalogue.
- digital distribution of educational and fun content for each selected title as online tools that will enhance AD – a total of 544 different extra materials in total were created.
- a community feeling with the interactive elements and augment awareness regarding EU AV works – thanks to mix of on & offline activities, participations at festival’s voting, reviewing the content, direct zooms with authors/film critics were assured within each platform (but not yet among platforms).
- a network of 87 major hospitals in 6 countries with paediatrics’ departments
- TV and Radio appearances, press clippings, posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), project presentation at film festivals event Sitgest and Zlin, internal communication project members had more than 25 meetings, 1 meeting and 2 workshops in person.
- a list of new project partners in order to further expand involved EU countries and territories and pan-European partnership


Film in Hospital
Belgium, Sweden, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain
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