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Graphic recordings for well-being and community health

Project title

Relatorías gráficas digitales para el bienestar y la salud comunitaria

Description of initiative

A graphic recording is an image used to represent and/or analyse phenomena or events. They are produced from the representation of subjectivities, meetings, and interactions of collective action, aiming to reflect on contextualised flows and synergies. Through the Madrid Salud (2021) project Art and Health, graphic recordings have been developed after three online meetings: 1) the “Broken Hugs” project, 2) the World Mental Health Day meeting, and 3) the “Building Compassionate Communities” meeting. Graphic recordings in this context can reinforce a sense of community and make bonds between participants visible, especially since the pandemic forced the transfer of most meetings from in-person to online mode.
This project aims to expand on the key concepts presented in previous studies on this subject, analysing how these visual strategies expand their potential for a post-COVID art mediation, and identifying broadened characteristics in our remotely created productions that expand the graphic recordings possibilities in an artistic mediation and community health context.

Further information on the initiative

Themes: Culture and...

Community well-being
Quality of social relations
Work and workplace well-being


community art, art mediation, graphic recording, community health, well-being

Target group

Not targeted to a specific group

Cultural field

Multimedia, new media, digital | Visual arts


2021 - 2023

Results, benefits, impact and lessons learnt

The key concepts located within these graphic recordings are:
a) They represent the complexity of the meeting (spaces and bonds between people) in the final artistic product.
b) It is not constructed from a single point of view, but rather to arrive at the final product several people draw, who then receive feedback from assistants and health professionals to shape the final material. This way, interdisciplinarity and consensus between arts and health professionals are strengthened.
c) It combines manual and digital artistic processes, and requires more time to share the final product.
d) It is based on the production of presence to strengthen online relationships between people.
e) They are a good practice in Arts and Health because:
- They mediate in areas of health education, in quality of life (well-being).
- They generate intergenerational and intercultural contact.
- They bring people closer to democratic, visual formats.
- They allow for collective identities and promote a sense of belonging.
- Contribute to the community in a creative way.
- They make Art and Health activities visible from new shared proposals.


Madrid Salud
Public / State | Health


Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Public / State | Other
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
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