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I step to the door

Project title

Apasso à porta

Description of initiative

The challenge of working with mental health in the country was rethought by a group, called Apasso a Porta, from the Psychosocial Care Center in Paranoá, Brazil. The artistic team, composed of 22 employees and former employees of the place, in addition to some patients, reinforces the importance of this type of intervention to offer humanized care. Psychosocial Care Center received film and theater performances to assist in the humanized treatment of mental disorders. This type of project is fundamental for the rehabilitation of people undergoing treatment for mental disorders: the possibility of cultural and artistic creation involves the subjectivity that patients themselves present during treatment with other professionals.

Further information on the initiative

Themes: Culture and...

Individual well-being
Mental health
Quality of spaces and built environments


artists, hospital, mental health, humanization, film, theatre

Target group

Not targeted to a specific group

Cultural field

Film, video | Other | Theatre, opera


2020 - 2020

Results, benefits, impact and lessons learnt



Centro de Atenção Psicossocial
Public / State | Health