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Locus* | Explores the confluence between community culture and mental health.

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Locus* is a pioneering project in Madrid that explores the intersection of community culture and mental health, challenging traditional notions of a "place of safety" and promoting mutual support and coexistence with madness through creative expression. It aims to shift the conversation around mental health towards a more inclusive and empowering approach, inspiring new ways of thinking about mental health in our communities.
Locus* has gained support from various cultural institutions, including Medialab Prado, La Casa Encendida, and the Reina Sofía Museum since its establishment in 2019. The project has gained recognition for its community-focused initiatives in mental health and creative expression and has been featured in major media outlets. It has also received awards from organizations such as the Manantial Foundation.
Locus* is inspired by the original Mad Pride movement and aims to destigmatize mental health problems, promote connections and relationships, and cultivate creative and cultural interests. The project seeks to move beyond hyper-medicalization and towards a more holistic and compassionate approach to mental health challenges, with the goal of creating a more inclusive and supportive society.
Locus* is a cultural project produced by Nada Colectivo, an association that creates and produces events and activities with a social focus, promoting art and culture as tools for social transformation and inclusion. They collaborate with local organizations and communities to create projects that promote cultural diversity and generate a positive impact on communities, all while promoting critical reflection through art and culture.
Locus* is led by a diverse team of individuals with personal experience of mental health issues, who are passionate about using creativity and community-building to effect social change. They have made Locus* a pioneering force in the field of "Mad Culture" in Spain. The team's multicultural background has been a key factor in Locus*' success, creating an inclusive and welcoming community. They are committed to ensuring that everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.
Locus* is a cultural initiative that challenges traditional notions of community, culture, and art by promoting inclusivity, creativity, and social transformation. It breaks down stigmas around mental health issues and fosters an empathetic and supportive society through community building and mutual support. Locus* has gained recognition and support from cultural institutions and organizations in Spain and beyond. As a valuable cultural project that promotes diversity, creativity, and cultural exchange, Locus* embodies the values at the core of the European identity and has the potential to inspire similar initiatives across Europe and beyond.

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Community well-being
Mental health
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mad culture, community culture, community mental health, institutional criticism, contemporary art, mutual aid, cultural mediation

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2019 - 2023

Results, benefits, impact and lessons learnt

Results: Locus* has successfully created a welcoming and inclusive community for those with mental health challenges. Through their creative expression and community building initiatives, they have challenged traditional notions of mental health and created a more holistic and compassionate approach.
Benefits: The project has received support from various cultural institutions and has been recognised for its community-focused initiatives. Locus* has become a pioneering force in the field of "Mad Culture" in Spain, promoting mental health awareness and inclusivity. The project has helped to reduce the stigma associated with mental health challenges and has provided a platform for those affected to share their experiences.
Impact: Locus* has had a positive impact on the cultural local, national and closely international landscape by promoting social transformation and inclusion. The project has created a sense of community and belonging for those with mental health challenges and has empowered them to express themselves creatively and even to create their own initiatives.
Lessons learnt: Locus* has demonstrated the importance of community building and creative expression in promoting mental health awareness and inclusivity. The project has shown that a more holistic and compassionate approach to mental health challenges is needed, and that cultural initiatives can play a significant role in achieving this.


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