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MotorTest of the Parque de Mayo

Project title

MotorTest del Parque de Mayo

Description of initiative

The Ministry of Health in a joint effort with the Social Service Division and the Culture Department of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, carried out an artistic intervention in the MotorTest of the Parque de Mayo. With the aim of preventing people from feeling afraid at the time of being swabbed, also to generate a positive climate and improve the mood of those people who are going to be swabbed, there were organized artistic interventions which added greater empathy to the spaces and also useful information on the sanitary protocol. The distress caused by swab test time was decreased through street entertainment and those in charge of carrying out this activity were 11 urban artists from the circus and mime discipline who used their talent, joy and who had also the responsibility of transmitting a message of prevention in the fight against the virus. Public Health organisations conducted training for them in prevention and information. It should be noted that these days were selected because the MotorTest was swabbing on average about 200 - 250 people, achieving about 1500 weekly swabs.

Further information on the initiative

Themes: Culture and...

Individual well-being
Community well-being
Mental health
Physical health


pandemic, swab test, mental health, Covid-19, waiting time, entertainment, street artists

Target group

Adults | Children | Early age | Older people | Youth

Cultural field

Other | Theatre, opera


2021 - 2021

Sources of funding

Ministerio de Salud, División Servicio Social y la Secretaría de Cultura del Ministerio de Turismo y Cultura

Results, benefits, impact and lessons learnt



Ministerio de Salud de Argentina
Public / State | Health


Asociación de Artistas Callejeros
NGO / Non-profit | Culture
Secretaría de Cultura de Argentina
Public / State | Culture
División Servicio Social de Argentina
Public / State | Other