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Musician's health

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Music is healthy and yet playing music professionally over many years can also have disruptive effects on health and quality of life. However, physical and mental well-being are important prerequisites for the artistic potential to develop and for musicians to be able to successfully cope with their everyday work - for a lifetime. With a wide range of teaching and advisory services, the Hochschule für Musik Detmold supports body-friendly training that is based on current music-physiological findings. The development of a preventive awareness and the promotion of personal strengths and resources are of particular importance. In this way, students learn to effectively reduce music-specific health problems and to more easily cope with the artistic, technical and psychological demands of everyday musical work. Tailored to the special needs of instrumentalists and singers, science-based procedures in music medicine, sports medicine and physiotherapy are incorporated. These are supplemented by holistically oriented body techniques and movement processes as well as recognized relaxation techniques and methods of performance training.

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