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Opera wow. From viewers to producers.

Project title

Opera wow. Da spettatori a produttori.

Description of initiative

Opera Wow is a project dedicated exclusively to adolescents and their emotional complexities, in which creativity can be set in motion as a resource of resilience, transformation and growth.
It wants to be an innovative action whose primary purpose is not only to convey to the young people in the city the knowledge of one of the five greatest composers in the world and of his works, but also to use him as a proper tool in a complicated period such as adolescence.
A path to accompany students and their educators, starting from the Opera and passing through electronic music, thanks to the power of melodrama and the universal and profound stories that tell of young people, loves, challenges, initiations, victories and of defeats.
The organisation expects teenagers will enjoy music and will have a relevant experience thanks to an opera of 200 years. They also aim to break down the wall that separates music genres and especially opera from the other music, helping teenagers to know themselves better and to create new relationships.
In their perspective, the audience comprises not only people who are buying a ticket and the city theatres have the duty to enroll and engage citizens at different levels and contribute to their well-being.

Further information on the initiative

Themes: Culture and...

Individual well-being
Community well-being
Mental health
Quality of social relations


well-being, adolescence, resilience, creativity, music

Target group


Cultural field

Multimedia, new media, digital | Music | Theatre, opera




2022 - ongoing

Sources of funding

private fundings

Results, benefits, impact and lessons learnt



Fondazione Teatro Donizetti
NGO / Non-profit | Culture


ATS - Azienda di Tutela della Salute di Bergamo
Public / State | Health
Ufficio scolastico territoriale - bergamo
Public / State | Culture