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The Artistic Intervention Program for Professional Clowns

Project title

O Programa de Intervenção Artística para Palhaços Profissionais

Description of initiative

The Artistic Intervention Program for Professional Clowns is the Institute's key action and is carried out by about 10 artists who, in pairs or trios, follow the routine of visits to pediatric and geriatric wards of hospitals in the SUS Network, Institutional Shelter Units (UAI's), and Long Stay Institutions for the Elderly (ILPIs) in Minas Gerais. The unique relationship built, day after day, occurs because there is a continuity that strengthens bonds and brings effective results, whether in hospitals or institutional care. The clowns make visits twice a week, continuously, and when they shoot at the entrance of each wing, room, corridor or institution, they transform the environment, subvert the logic of space, take a universe of playfulness and possibilities so that for a few moments a bed may become a spaceship; a runner turns into a racetrack; the serum carriers that accompany hospitalized patients can be wands of superpowers; or even being discharged from a hospital turns into a grand planned escape.

Further information on the initiative

Themes: Culture and...

Individual well-being
Mental health
Quality of spaces and built environments


clowns, intervention, laughter, hospitals, humanization

Target group

Not targeted to a specific group

Cultural field

Theatre, opera


2014 - 2020

Results, benefits, impact and lessons learnt



Instituto Hahaha
NGO / Non-profit | Culture