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Well-being and Art | Tate Gallery

Project title

Well-being and Art | Tate Gallery

Description of initiative

Tate Gallery (UK) is developing different gallery programs for its visitors under the theme wellbeing and art. One initiative is an online quiz developed with a psychotherapist to assess visitors mood and match their mood to a Tate artwork. Tate gallery also developed a guide to slow looking for its visitors, emphasizing that slow looking is not about curators, historians or even artists telling how visitors should look at art. It's about a personal experience with the artwork, encouraging visitors to take time to discover and form a more personal connection with it.

Further information on the initiative

Themes: Culture and...

Individual well-being


artworks, emotions, Tate Modern, user friendly

Target group

Not targeted to a specific group

Cultural field

Multimedia, new media, digital


2019 - 2022

Results, benefits, impact and lessons learnt

improve wellbeing of people by getting to connect to their feelings


United Kingdom
Public / State | Culture