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Call for submissions: Share your project

The mapping is carried out by CultureForHealth researchers and will contain relevant EU, national, regional and local programmes, initiatives and projects on culture, well-being and health across the European Union. From 7 March to 15 May we collect entries, leading to the publication of a first version of the mapping database on the website and a report by June 1st. The entry form will stay open until June 2023 allowing the database to grow continuously.


We encourage you to share your own project, programme or policy and be featured as a good practice right here on this website and in a final report for the European Commission. 

Mapping of culture for health and well-being

CultureForHealth is a project aiming to carry out a major study of the important role of cultural activities and the arts in securing mental health and well-being on both an individual and collective level. We encourage professionals from the cultural and health fields to include their relevant EU, national, regional and local initiatives/ projects/ programmes/ or policies in the ambitious mapping carried out by CultureForHealth researchers.


The mapping will:

1) Collect and make accessible relevant initiatives on culture for well-being and health

2) Identify the most relevant actors in the field of culture for health and well-being

3) Provide insights related to the type of practices that are carried out in the field of culture, well-being and health in the EU, lessons learned and good policies and practices that will serve as a resource for learning and inspiration.


If you know organizations or institutions that are linked to culture and health or to culture and well-being, send us their contact information (website links, social media profiles) at