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The Art Of Staying Healthy

This inspiration case presents The Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture's (NDPC) program "The Art of Staying Healthy". Below you can get inspired by the program's work with the collaboration of culture and health.

By The Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture

About "The Art Of Staying Healthy"

At the beginning of the summer of 2021 The Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture’s (NDPC) program “The Art of Staying Healthy” was launched. The programme aims to empower collaboration between the arts and health sectors and to pilot arts interventions in the health and wellbeing of people and communities in the Northern Dimension area. The project received 56 eligible applications and unique project ideas from ten countries on how arts can foster the well-being of people. With the help of a selection committee of five experts, eight projects from six countries were selected.
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About The Northern Dimension Partnership On Culture

The Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC) is a governmental initiative which brings together national authorities, practitioners from cultural and creative industries (CCI) and experts. It works towards a stronger, more competitive and more resilient CCI sector that contributes significantly to the sustainable development of the Northern Dimension region.


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NDPC implements project activities, offers networking and professional development opportunities to creative professionals and provides valuable insights for policy development to national authorities.


Northern Europe has a rich cultural heritage, as well as national and linguistic diversity and varied cultural and artistic production. The region also has a great deal of experience in cultural cooperation and exchange, as well as numerous professional networks in all sectors of society.