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Visual Interpretation of Challenge #8

Adrian Buda from ArtiViStory Collective has created a visualization of the global health- and well-being Challenge #8 defined by CultureForHealth.

By CultureForHealth

Combining recommendations from the literature with learnings gained from existing policies and initiatives, CultureForHealth has made several policy suggestions.

In addition, CultureForHealth has described eight challenges for which we need to seek new ways of handling.

The eight challenges grew out of the scoping review of the CultureForeHealth report and further policy recommendations are tailored to each challenge.

These recommendations should be seen as illustrative rather than exhaustive, and need further development by experts, practitioners and policymakers.

This is the visual interpretation by Adrian Buda for:

Challenge #8: Difficulties faced by forcibly displaced people in the EU

Adrian Buda, ArtiViStory Collective