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March 31, 2022

Mental Health Needs of Refugees – How Arts & Culture Can Help

Call For Arts And Health Evidence And Case Studies!

Culture Action Europe, The World Health Organisation, University College London and the partners of the CultureForHealth project (Central Denmark Region, Cluj Cultural Centre, Trans Europe Halles, The Northern Dimension Partnership for Culture, Društvo Asociacija) are collating key evidence and case studies relating to how arts and culture can support mental health and provide support for refugees.
We are seeking to put together a a 2-4 page document with infographics similar to this one or this one to translate the evidence to key policymakers during this critical time of the crisis in Ukraine.

Key Questions For The Document

The document will centre on the key questions of:


- What evidence is there that participation in arts and cultural activities improves the health and well-being of refugees/displaced people?


- Which specific forms of cultural participation appear to have a more positive impact and why?

Please Fill Out The Form!

If you know of any relevant research or case studies that could be relevant to us, please use this *FORM* to submit them to us by April 10th 2022.

Thank you very much!